Business schools make economic case for putting art on the curriculum

Rachel Corbett |

Boston. US business school academics are increasingly focusing on the art world. “There is a growing awareness among business scholars that art and aesthetics are important in terms of the roles they play in consumers’ lives, and we are therefore finding ways to study them,” says Henrik Hagtvedt, a marketing professor at Boston College.
This is part of “a larger trend in business scholarship. Increasingly, we are looking beyond the most obvious drivers of business success, such as product functionality or efficient sales channels,” Hagtvedt says.
The correlation between luxury consumption patterns and the psychology of art buying was one focus of a confer- ence at the Yale School of Management last March. Prominent neuroscientists, psychologists, economists and art his- torians exchanged ideas in “Art, Mind and Markets”, which was co-organised by Christophe Spaenjers, a professor at Hautes
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